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Hastric Pristrine
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
A newcoming writer. And a few stories and requests going on!
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It's a few months already. Get working ground!!


    Hi there.
    You are here to see what's up new here on this account I'll guess? Well, I guess it wouldn't hurt if you guys were to know more about this anywat.
    I'm Ground the Eevee, or Ground Trialiminent. The Writer of this account if you wondered that much.
    Well, "Why the hell am I typing this than replying to roleplays or something than typing these random stuffs." You asked? Well.. That's Night's thing. And the thing is she's off for far toooo long. Arceus knows where she went. So I'm taking charge of this account for the time being. Most pictures uploaded are also random pics of mine. Please standby until she actually shows up or something alrighty?
    Thanks for your time, I had better go back on my freaking list of request I left for a year or two by now -o-

They have just installed the fiber optic in my house.
I wonder if this going to make things better?
Stamina: C+
Strength: B-
Resilience: S-
Agility: C
Dexterity: F-
Intelligence: A-
Charisma: S-
Sanity: C+
Rarity; D
Ahem. Well.

Someone help me I sang a duet but the teacher told me to do it more than just song. Any ideas o-o
(It was "drop pop candy")
Ok. Let me set this straight.
From now on, any rps that was going on with me that if I haven't replied for 4 weeks. You may ask once whilst providing the link to latest respond to the rp as I may be the one who loses track. But if rather. I would not reply at all.
You could also check when was the last time I was online too be checking in the activities on my profile.
*Seeing the bare amount of good roleplayers fills you with determination*
The moment when you haven't replied to to many rp for two weeks-
I felt bad. Like.
I haven't get started writing the rest of the requests yet. Neither have I got my pic.
(How's that's even relevant you asked?)
I just had a request of the person who's working out my own pic ono
Closed on 10:26 AM 11/7/2015 (GMT+7)
Yup! I take any sort of story writing requests as long as it's down here or you can try asking! I will also do my best! XD

  • TransFormations
    (Inanimate, Pokemon, Anthros, Ferals, or most thing else are also fine! But if you want pooltoy or something alike. Please be specific!)

  • TransGender
    (Is still under practising. Expect something weird xD)
  • Vore
    (Please be very specific. And I take anything but hard vore right now.)
  • Fanfictions
    I had quite some trouble with some of these many times. And it doesn't seem to push my character forward much. So I might not accept yours unless it is actually going to be fun writing or is from some fandom I am very efficient of.
  • MindControl/MindWipe/AgeRegression
    I find myself being very not efficient with these and had a bad time with it. BUt still, I do have to give it a practise once in a while.
Not very acceptable (It would mostly be rejected unless you are very lucky.)
  • Horror
    I gave up. Just no more of these please.. I can't really depict horror stuff just yet.
Suggestions(For these ones. I write anytime I do want to.):
  1. :iconcalclor: Cirno from the Touhou project [Note]:TG practising (Altrune)
Working on Requests Queue:
Commision/Prize Queue:
  1. Random for Fluffball
  2. Gardevoir TF for The guy harrison.

Requests Queue:
  1. :icontgwolfe: Ahri TF TG 
  2. :iconearwaxkid: Sailor Moon to Can TF
  3. :iconchimafan123: Anthro Weavile TF TG MW
  4. :iconaperture212: Dress change hero (o-o)
  5. :iconzxlina: Fluttershy TF Pony (Equestria Girls) 
  6. :iconkarlimaxine: (Fairytail?)
  7. :iconmitty661: Licorice{shipping persona} annoying her.
  8. :iconquadrasputnik: Pendulum clock TF
  9. :iconarceefan16: Megaman TF
  10. :iconcrazedfoxmrn: TG TF AR MC Fox kit[vs]
  11. :icondeathbustereudial103: TF MC Big Blag(BattleToads)

Will reopen on 10 Request left.
(Closed for now!)
Let's see what's gonna happen..
(You can also choose the theme for the story too by the way!)

        "...Are we seriously. Doing this?"

    I asked the two figures who's standing in the middle of the desert. Facing each other silently. I didn't thought it would have came this far to begin with. But here they are, facing each other silently.

        "Just make the Signal already Creep. We are waiting."

    The female with a striped shirt and trousers saying once with a glance at me. Her smirk sure somewhat gave me fright. Eventhough normal people wouldn't say anything about it. Her name's Withe as I remembered.

        "It shouldn't be too hard? Looking at this. We will be fine anyway with nothing happens much?"

    The other figure said. As Withe chuckled

        "We will see about that in a bit. Silly." Withe then withdrew her pistol to her holster. Along as the other person withdrawn his. As she sets her arm ready.

    They are both waiting for my signal, their guns on their side. I put my hand to my face, wondering what kind predicament put them in this situation in the first place.

        "Ok, here we go....."

--------A few hours earlier.--------

        "Sup White. What cha doing"

    The striped-shirt female approaches the other girl with a smile. As the other in a white hoodie turned back from some electronic she's been working on the table.

        "Hey. Well, nothing too unusual. And you? Slinger?" 
        "Are you gonna call me by my first name at all or something?"

        "Nope, It's like calling myself. Duh."

    White sticks out her tongue. Her hands behind her head as she leans a little more onto her chair.

        "Whatevs. What's the deal today?" The gunslinger asked, as she was replied with a shrug.

        "Nothing more new than what we all know,.. Like, at the very least the walls are slowly mending each other together. And there's nothing left to fix much in other verses. Seizing our jobs for a while. I am still impressed how noone "else" actually finds a way to go through any of the leakages as much. And none of them hits the “Earth” yet. That should make us a little free for a while. I prefers it messy so we have something to do. To be honest..”

        "Meh… Speaking of, should we like. Get a little more in the crowd? I mean, we are literally living behind this freaking facility and there are almost nothing going on here.”

        “I was thinking to steal Kide's job and going to Science 'verse anyway."

        "Very much helping White, Very much."

        "Hey, then how about this?"

     Another person walked in the room, it was a male in a brown jacket, he only needs that goofy looking hat and a pipe to make him looks more like some proper detective.

        “Trist! Where have you been?” The gunslinger said.

        "Stuffs as usual.”

        “Right, so what’s the idea then Gambler?” White asked. 

        “Heated up as usual eh. Hehe.” He paused calmly. Before continuing.

        “Ok, this is probably summarized from what Withe suggested earlier. We go out directly and find someone who's a little more connected. And converses or have interact of some sort with them. At the very least, they will know us and we will get something  more to do.

        “Not too bad of an idea. We are rusting up anyway.” A Meowstic jumped on the table that White was working on something

        “Hey Yuma. Sup. ” Trist waved to the meowstic that jumped there. Whilst the female sitting by the very same table was surprised by him.

        “Yuma! Don’t jump on my freaking table!”

        “Oh, my bad on that one. But nothing useful seems to be on it though,”


        “Maybe, Yuma. You could go to Team END’s. and meanwhile, White and Withe can give some random people a ring or something. Literally or not is you guy's pick.”

        “Can I just work on this goddarn remote control for that TV you that  decided to use as a practice target first then?”

        “Welp. Hehe. Alright then.”

    And here I am, waiting for a ranger. Having White to ask him to lead me around should be the best choice for my first time around here. Or atleast that's what I thought.
    Man, it sure has been a while since I had to go back to talking to random people anyway?


    A voice bursts through my thinking bubble. As I looked up with a smirk. It's the very same guy in his gray sweater and brown trousers.

        "Finally you're here. Ranger. I'm getting bored out anyway."

        "Need help with leading through the place? I was thinking if you needed someone to lead through Oblivia or something. But.. here?"

        "Cause I'm too lazy working up a proper conversation to find how to have an approach around here. Really."

        "Whatever rows your boat then.. But I mean, this place is almost literally a desert."

    I had a look around. Well, it's a small desert that some explorers might like to give it a walk around. But it's probably not one of the best places around here to find anyone. Maybe my senses of vacant place is just too good recently?

        "Hm.. That's actually a good point."

        "Hi there?"

    Both of us turned to see a person. Well! Seems like I don't have to work out too much something else more!

        "Hello there!" I shouted with a wave at him. As Creep waved along. He seems confused if I know him or not. Which of course, I have never known anyone properly than Trist either.
        "How may we help ya?"

    The question I asked back at him seems to somewhat cringed him. Welp, that's one weird way to react to a woman?

        "I-I'm just asking if you guys needed help with something?"

        "Ah right, Well. Catch?"

    The next action made Creep skipped backwards in surprise. As well as the other guy. I tossed him a pistol. A revolver in fact. It's just an airsoft though.


        "Mind if I asked you to try that out? I figure I have that in stock for quite a while." I giggled. He sure seems more confused than shy by now. He picked it up and examined it. Before unloading the clip. He sure's quick though. I even put that eject button on the side of the gun.

        "Rubber Bullets?"

        "I'm figuring I'm rather bored. So as we try it out a duel?"

    Creep's worried right now, I'm sure he knows what I have in stock. But still, this is going to be a fair fight. The bullets loaded in his gun and mine is the same type, arcane infused. It's always better to have fun though. I wanted to know if he's going to hit me with that or not.

        "How does this works?"

        "Like a kiddie's game? That both of us put the gun in our pockets. And have someone else signal us to fire. That would be this Creep over here."

        "He doesn't look too much of a creep though?"

        "My name's Creep. Mister."

        "Oh well."

        "What do you think then?"

        "Hm..." He pondered a little. I'm cheering a little inside. Cause recently working at a toy shop is killing me inside with boredom either way.
        "Alright? Let's try then."

        "Ready when you both are then."

        "I'm set." the other guy settled his pistol in his holster.

        "...Are we seriously. Doing this?"
        "Just make the Signal already Creep. We are waiting."

        "It shouldn't be too hard? I mean, Looking at this. We will be fine anyway with nothing happens much?" I chuckled at the fact.

        "We will see about that in a bit. Silly." We both withdrew our pistols. As I'm ready to fire him a shot. While I'm waiting for Creep to make a go sign, a wave, or something. He put his hand to his face for some reason though.

        "Ok, here we go...


        .. Fire!"

    Creep ducked as we heard three shots. He probably shot that extra bullet to make sure atleast one of the two hits me. I'm standing to take one of them though. My bullet hit him in the head as the knockback sent him on his own back. While his bullet hits me at my chest. I do felt the energy already surging through though.

        "Ouch." He scratched his head. Man, only if he knew what's going to happen.

        "Nice shot!" I shouted. I already felt the chill piercing through me. It is beginning for sure.

        "Thanks.. I guess..? Weird." He examined himself. That look of his sure made me miss why didn't I get back working this way.

    I glances at myself. (Along with Creep who's pretty much witnessing everything around here.) as I steadily shrink down in size. My arm taking on a flatter but thicker appearance. As well as a green color. My clothing had already slipped off e within seconds. I glances at my partner-in-duel who is now officially surprised by the startling changing- or was that because he thought he's going to see something under while it's dropping?
    Silly me, of course not!
        "Uhhh.. Is this somewhat one of the things that is supposed to happen??"

    I giggled at his remark, I have shorten down to.. somewhat one feet? or two? probably two. I felt my eyebrows shifts into two antennas. It was a funny feeling. I think that both me and Creep probably had an idea what I am turning into by now.
    Meanwhile, I decides to take a look at the other guy again. His chest grown some feathers. Whilst his fingers merges together and formed claws. Three to be exact. His arm took on a different shade of color. Covered up with red bright feathers. His head shifting, as if someone's painting a mask on his face and pulling his face into some sort of a parrot. A few oranges feather grew on his head whilst he's shrinking. Just not as small as me yet. He's probably half a feet bigger? But all the things happening to him left him struggle in his clothes a while.


        "Withe, I mean.. is this the best way to try talking to people though...?"
        "Greeting people with your own unique way is fun you know!"

    He finally got out of his own clothings. His lower body is covered up by pale white feather. As well as a Cape-like wings on his back. Leaving him sort of a wrestler-bird guy?

    The guy examined himself, I'm not too sure whether is that fear, surprise or what not. As he eventually glances up.

        "..Not too bad I guess?"


        "You two sure you are ok??"

        "We are just fine!"

        "Sort.. of?" He said with a confusion in his voice. He still examines himself, As I flew and grabbed him and flew a little more.

        "Let's have fun like this!"


        "I will take that as a goodbye?" Creep kinda waved at me taking the other person off in a distance, leaving him the desert(whoops!)

        "U-Uh, thanks for being friendly and all but, It's kinda weird I didnt even know you and the fact I'm flyin-"

        "Wither August. And you?" I replied.
        "U-Uh.. Kevin."

        "Now that we knows each other. That's fine now?" That sentence somewhat made me feel like I'm like 5 years younger than him. Weird me.

        "I-I guess."


        "Withe. Withe. Are you there?"

        "She's gone flying already." Creep said out to the amulet on the ground, he folded up the clothing the two kinda left here up as well for easier keeping.

        "Well then, get that amulet she left there for me?"

        "Sure. I'll be there. "

        He then picked it up and headed off. Some sort of chill went up his spine once. He looked around and saw nothing. As he left the area. A few more figures shuffles in the area.

        "That's one of them?"
        "Come on, this is getting frustrating. Why do we need to wait when we could have attacked either place right away?"
        "Patience is a virtue. We hung back for now. And maybe start a little commotion elsewhere. Then we trap them."

        They then headed off in a different directions. Leaving the silent desert on its own.
Midday Call
"This is getting worrying.. if they found where I am, that's gonna be troublesome. Let's hope that won't happen.."
Contest Prize for :iconveldu9: with a few references toward plot advancing events as well as something I will try to get on!
Develop your character properly yall! It's going to be a fun time!

I put one cameo one of my rps in here. (There's only two up currently obviously.) Can you find it? Someone did mentioned it xD

Word Count: 2025 words

This doesn't seem like to be anything accordance to dueling/cowboy/wild west much. I figure I need to practise more xD
Creep is not a human ,you're a doll....

Dear Arceus no. Of course I'm a human! o-o
*panickedly look if someone's going to tf him or something*
Let out two of these. Think for yourself what is that creature/god looking over you tho
(Tell me if you are a Ditto or a Legendary xD)
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-Complex Numbers are Complex-
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-Weird literature is Weird.-

Fuk :)
It rained 15 till 20
Srs -.-
(@-Corner of Siam Square. Sorta.)

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(Request two at a time xD)
Takes anything from Fanfics of any fandom. Up to a little bit disturbing materials such as Vore, Inflation etc.
I do have my request list on so check that out first xD
But if you can't wait. I'll skip the queue for this one instead.

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